Japanese Binding Notebook

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Japanese Binding Notebook

One of the traditional Japanese-style books in Japan, is made by hand-stitching threads one by one. Our original hand-dyed Yuzen paper is used for the cover, and we have a lineup of chic and cute ones based on traditional designs.
The soft and warm texture peculiar to Japanese paper has a tasteful charm that is different from ordinary notebooks. The cover is gorgeous, but the inside page is a gentle natural white color. It is an open-page book that you can arrange something fun, what you want to do, wonderful ideas, cute illustrations, etc. that will make you excited about "how to use it from now on".

Since there are perforations on the bound side, you can cut it clean and save it, or give it to someone instead of a memo, expanding the usage scene.

Japanese-style notebooks, where you can easily enjoy the traditional beauty of Japan, are very pleased as "Japanese stationery", which is a popular souvenir from overseas.

[Hand-dyed Yuzen paper]
The patterns printed one by one by craftsmen are misaligned and the dyed color fluctuates. A tasteful and unique texture is born.


[Flower four seasons fan pattern on the waves]
The waves that come and go mean "eternity" and "immortality", and the fan surface is an auspicious pattern that means "prosperity" from the shape to the end.