Travel Sized Activity Kits

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The Classic Art of Origami

Folding paper—what a fascinating art! But forget about clunky origami books with complicated instructions. This little kit is packed full of travel-size origami basics:

  • fourteen colorful sheets of paper
  • simple instructions on how to create five beautiful origami designs
  • helmet
  • swan
  • penguin
  • sailboat
  • crane

Desktop Bonsai

Invite tranquility into your workplace or home with your own desktop bonsai tree.

With a little patience, you'll enjoy growing a small version of this already miniature art. Kit includes:

  • Mini pot
  • Jack Pine seeds
  • peat pellet
  • small scissors
  • Mini book on the beauty of bonsai

Zen Gardening

Kit includes:

  • Mini Zen gardening tray
  • Bag of sand
  • Decorative rocks
  • Miniature wooden rake
  • Mini book on the beauty of Zen gardening