How Much Do You Love Me

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From the Back Cover

It's December 1941, and the Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor. Politicians fuel anti-Japanese hysteria and campaign to segregate Japanese Americans. During this period of hate and racial frenzy, Keiko and James, a Japanese American and a Caucasian, fall in love and marry.Before long, James goes off to war and Keiko to an internment camp. 

Sixty years later, Keiko has a stroke and lies near death, while James suffers from Alzheimer's. Coincidentally, a chance incident makes their daughter, Kazuko, born in the camps, suspect a family secret. Fighting the clock before her mother's death, she races to unravel the mystery. What she uncovers represents nothing short of the epitome of human love and self-sacrifice. But beyond Kazuko's dramatic discovery, only the reader knows that this is only half the story.

About the Author

Paul Mark Tag made a career as a research scientist before he decided to switch gears and write fiction for a living. He's written three thrillers to date, but changed genres with his latest. His historical novel, How Much Do You Love Me? is a mystery/love story that revolves around Japanese American incarceration in World War II.

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