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Folding fan <Four seasons bird-and-flower painting> Sakai Hoitsu

Sakai Hoitsu Edo period 15th year of culture (1818) Collection of Tokyo National Museum

Sakai Hoitsu - Born in Edo as the second son of the Sakai clan, the lord of the Himeji domain, from the 11th year of the Horeki to the 11th year of Bunsei (1761-1828). Enjoy various arts such as paintings, haiku, and waka poems. He learned many styles of painting such as Kano painting, sketch painting, ukiyo-e, Tosa school, and Maruyama school, but he was deeply devoted to Ogata Korin and became the ancestor of the Edo Rinpa school. He left behind a delicate, graceful and lyrical work. His representative works are "Important Cultural Property, Flowering Plants of Summer and Autumn" and "Four Seasons Flowers and Birds".