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  • Sponsor a Student

    Help to sponsor a student for the multi-day Digital Storytelling Workshop that will take place in conjunction with the Heart Mountain Pilgrimage. 

    By popular demand, the Digital Storytelling Workshop returns to the 2018 Heart Mountain Pilgrimage! This year the workshop will focus on camp artifacts… old furniture, art, suitcases, knick-knacks… whatever families saved from camp has a story to tell. This workshop will help students transform a relic with painful memories into an uplifting short film to keep the incarceration story alive. If students don’t have a personal connection or an artifact, no problem; there are plenty of items at the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center whose stories need to be told and facilitators will show students how!

    In this workshop, Emmy Award-winning producers, Jeff MacIntyre & David Ono, will guide students through the video creation process. The workshop is suitable for all skill levels and ages. The only requirement is a desire to preserve this profound chapter in history. The saddest story is the one not told.

    Help others to seize the moment and preserve Heart Mountain's rich history. There’s no greater gift to the future!

    This multi-day workshop will take place on July 23–26, in the days leading up to the Pilgrimage, and a screening of the films produced will take place at 9:00 am on Friday, July 27, as part of the Opening Ceremony.

    $ 160.00