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  • Sponsor a Student

    Help to sponsor a student to attend the multi-day Spoken Word and Digital Storytelling Workshop that will take place in conjunction with the Heart Mountain Pilgrimage. Digital stories are short videos (usually 2-5 minutes), made with photos, videos, drawings, music and narration. They are woven together to form a narrative and are typically told from a first-person point-of-view. The best videos are honest and revealing.

    Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Jeff MacIntyre and National Poetry Slam Champion Champion G. Yamazawa bring decades of experience and look forward to working with students to transform personal stories into videos that can be shared with future generations. 

    The workshop will be staffed with caring, patient facilitators to help walk students through the process step-by-step. There is no greater opportunity to dive into this history and participate in sharing its stories. This is guaranteed to be a profound experience for everyone involved.

    The stories from behind barbed wire need to be set free. Over 70 years later, issues of discrimination and prejudice have never been more relevant. By telling these stories, students help to keep America awake to issues we continue to face. Your stories are deeply American and have been trapped in the shadow of the mountain for far too long.

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